Wednesday, June 29, 2011

America...where has your integrity gone?

I believe in doing my best to find and support the best candidates locally, statewide as well as nationally to reign in the freedoms this country was indeed founded on. Those are good things.

Yesterday my son Cory got a call from the Huntsman group that was supposedly doing a poll. They asked questions that were obviously directed at lead dog Mitt Romney. I think Cory was appalled  because they were lying and misrepresenting things. He basically told them some of the things they were presenting was basically not true.

My dad, Don Carlos Thompson was of the "great" generation. He was also in the battle of the bulge. He put it all on the line for his country when WWII broke out. He left family and friends to participate in a  War that probably no one understood at the time. They just believed what they were told, got in line and followed orders.

Granted, that can be good or bad. Over the years I do not question what the original intention of the founding fathers regarding the United States of America. I do however question many of the people at all levels commitment to representing the people and the best interests of the people. It is obvious that this has culminated in the horrific Presidency of B. Obama. One which I believe is intentional and meant to destroy the fibers of America.
One could go all day speaking about Obama, his socialistic failed policies, his treading on the Constitution. That is really obvious. However integrity? We are so readily wanting to believe all of these smears without taking a long look at if they are true or not.
This bothers me more than the obvious. We have issues.

1] Deficit Spending
2] Unemployment
3] Foreign Affairs
4] Illegal Immigration Costs to America

Do you know what kind of record if any that the candidates actually have regarding this stuff? How about any ideas that they would have to deal with these things that does not include more taxes or bigger Government. It is easy to stand and make speeches. I can do that. But to have viable answers that have been used and proven is another thing. If you do not know, you could be hiring someone just as incompetent as what we have. The issues are much worse right now than when he took office.

                        There is no room for error.

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