Friday, June 17, 2011

What does it take to see Beck as a leftist tool?

Glenn Beck has been on my radar for stupid things for a long long time. His recent endorsement of Ron Paul (click)should come as no surprise. The numbers are not even close to being able to win the GOP Primary, and he would be totally destroyed in a General Election.

Calling Ron Paul the closest to the founding Fathers shows me just how out of touch, errr mentally touched Glenn Beck is. I do not see the founding fathers OK with the legalization of substances like pot. I do not see them as OK with not helping other nations as if it were not for France helping the United States, there would not be a United States.

The founding fathers were not Libertarians who lack any metal and are spineless people. The founding fathers put their whole lives on the line to be able to have the freedoms that they wrote about in that Constitution. I can however see how Ron Paul and Glenn Beck can be a like. Both whiny all about themselves people who want attention, everyone's. The founding Fathers on the contrary were brave and understood the threats. 

The Barbary Pirates were Muslims that were thieves and murderers. Thomas Jefferson started a military just to deal with them. He also bought a Qur'an just to try and understand the immense hatred within these people. On the flip side, Ron Paul says Islam is no threat (click)to America. That alone should scare the hell out of you regarding Ron Paul.

We all know Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative but pretty much a loon otherwise. But what about Beck? Look historically and you will see that the 3rd party favors the Democrats to win and that the numbers are not there that they can. But beck has stated a 3rd party can win in 2012.(click)

A person with a little smarts to them realize that there are many people in the House and Senate that are out numbered and vote the right way, fight the good fight. But Glenn Beck on many occasions has said that the GOP and the DNP are all alike. His speech at CPAC a few years ago was ridiculous and people like Bill Bennett called him out. Mark Levin asked him why he is trying to divide us.

Glenn Beck is a leftist tool. I have only presented a small portion of why I believe so. To call Ron Paul better than Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman is ridiculous. I suppose he thinks Ron Paul has integrity too? How does he explain the 400 million dollars in pork earmarks in Ron Pauls' career. Good politicians when they vote against something do not take the money when it passes. See Gov's Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin to name a few.

So Glenn Beck calls basically a fraud in Ron Paul the best choice? Has he ever balanced a deficit spending budget? No he has not. Has he ever helped an economy? No he has not. But he does have Anti-Semetic friends and never seems to be for anything regarding Israel, which has been a great ally to us.

I do know Mitt Romney, working against an 85% liberal legislature created 60 thousand jobs by bringing in 111 new companies to take a state from 50th to 11th in unemploymentin his one term and only political term in any office.  Is unemployment an issue America? Yes it is. And Ron Paul has done nothing to ever help this issue or show he can.

I also know Mitt Romney among voters holds a 49-46 lead on Obama. Ron Paul is not even close. Mitt also balanced a deficit budget by cutting 341 social programs(which is downsizing Government) with no new taxes. That is called problem solving the conservative way.

Glenn Beck is a phony. He is not on the good guys side. He is diverse. Until about a decade or less ago, he was a democrat. He was a liberal. So, is the liberal still a liberal just playing the crowd in order to keep status quo? I think so. He has not accomplished anything per say except to show how much of a divider he is.

He has done a good job. Unless the person is so called perfect, many people now say, unless so and so is elected in the GOP, I may not even vote. That is exactly what Glenn Beck is doing. I consider him 70% bad.

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