Sunday, June 12, 2011

Conservatives hate Tyrany But Want Kings

   Well, most of us can agree, with President Obama's abuse of executive orders, his  Czars he appoints that do not require any approval from the legislature, his bribes to get votes for Cap and Trade and Obamacare passed. His many times he has broken the constitution that he was sworn to uphold. Yes he is a tyrant.
 Conservatives are right. Obama is a socialist. His policies destroy small business and his 84 new taxes also help kill an economy. They Hate the Tyranny. I get that. But they also want their people in office to act like Kings. Somehow they have the impression that a Real Conservative can never have any chinks in their armor. They point to Ronald Reagan as their leader of conservationism. As great as he was as a President. He had some pretty good flaws. Didn't always fare well as a Governor of a liberal state and against the Democratic House and Congress as a President. But overall he did a marvelous job as a leader, communicator and executor in his position.
I will also tell you that Conservatives, Tea Party people, seem to believe that Candidates, Governors and Congressmen and Senators can always get things accomplished.  They should be right down the line 100% in agreement with a Tea Party or Conservative view point. You will hear people state from time to time, vote them all out. That is the epitome of ignorance. That is like saying, spark plug or starter is bad, time for a new engine. They are not all a like there are many good people trying to do good things for you. Now, I would never vote for any Democrat because of the core socialistic beliefs that never help our economy or anything for that matter.

Christians were enamored in 2008 with Mike Huckabee. He pandered as a fellow believer to them. He put forth a conservative "image". But was he? He governed like a Democrat. $500 million in new taxes. His answer to fixing things was in new taxes. His spending was up 65% from when he took office. Taxes were up 47%. That is a big problem. That is his record, a long with 1000 pardons of prisoners. That is really a liberal record to be honest.

People seem so blown in the wind. They hear a nice speech and that person should be President.  They do not consider the road ahead and what the person has accomplished. They also do not seem to understand due process. How a government works. Instead, you better be perfect. If not they will ride the dead horse way past the bones.

Rick Perry is a prime example. Governor of Texas has done a very good job and is in his second term. In his tenure, 40% of all jobs nationally have been formed in Texas. That is very impressive. However the last election, the Tea Party there supported  Mrs Medina. Why? Because they had some beef over a few things that made him imperfect. It did not matter that he had the state in such a good economic situation. He just was not perfect. What about the 80-20 rule? What if he did lose a few battles? The man told Obama to shove Obamacare. He was the first to do this nationally.
Are we this blind? Just who is perfect? Or are we stupid while thinking we are wise? Herman Cain, who I in no way want as President made a statement about Guns being a states issue. He was right, we are supposed to deal with these types of things on a state to state basis.  The conservatives call him on this and say no, it is a Constitution basis. States rights do mean that do you want to have a waiting process and back ground check. If you do not want this, you are not thinking clearly. Get the bag off of your head.

Rino Rino Rino. The words fly. Candidates state they are against Cap and Trade. They state that there is no way to measure mans influence on the climate. They propose being responsible, and yet also go on to say drill drill drill and all of a sudden they are ignorantly called tree huggers and global warming advocates. How ignorant. It is like people just look for issues and they make them up. I will tell you...the liberals are playing you like a drum.

From the Paulbots we hear Neocon every time Ron Paul is exposed for his looniness, and his record which is bad outside of fiscal. He also was exposed for $400 million in pork that he has accepted in his years as a Congressman. The other word is Rino. That word is the first to come out of peoples mouths as they repeat, in many cases half truths. What is a conservative?
A conservative in my opinion believes in the individual's personal responsibility. I believe that a conservative believes that if you can not afford something, you do not have it. Living within their means. Also, if something is needed by some people that can pay for it, find a way for them to be fiscally responsible. A conservative does their best to keep taxes low and allow the atmosphere for capitalism be friendly and fair. A place where good effort and ideas can prosper and grow. The right to succeed or fail on your own merit without the government unfairly ruining your chances.

We have a man that many many conservatives endorse that Governed in a liberal state that governed with constant battles with a liberal legislature of 85%. Can this sink in? It is like whatever you are trying to do in life, you have but 15% having your back.

Despite these odds and these people wanting to add new taxes, he refused and cut 341 social programs to balance the state budget. That is conservative governing.

He created 60,000 jobs while getting 111 new businesses to relocate to his state. He created a business  friendly environment, that in his only term in Politics in his life; took the state from 50th nationally in unemployment. That also is conservative capitalism at its best.

The tax rating in his liberal state went down more than in the Governing of Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty . All against tough odds. Once again conservative.
 In 2008 he was being hailed as the Conservative face of Conservativism.

But a funny thing happened since 2008. His legacy is misrepresented. He has always stated that National Health Care is wrong. That it should be a state decision in how they handle these things. States Rights, you know the thing the Tea party cries loud and clear about?
The state wanted socialized medicine. The bill was put forth. So it was initiated by the legislature. It had many things vetoed by the Governor and eventually by due process he had to sign it. That is how Government works. But now even though he did not initiate it, and vetoed the bad things out of it before by law he had to sign it; this somehow is his fault. How?

If we are smart, and if we are intellectually honest, we will see this. If we are emotional and willing to be intellectually dishonest to believe we are ok, then you are not teachable. You also lack integrity. The truth should matter. It is about the truth and not whether you agree with me.

What Mitt Romney did sign insured more people. Not all. What he did whittle it down to, added no new taxes to pay for it. Is not this good? What he did sign was only 1% of the state budget. That is nothing. It also did not try and eradicate private health care.  There is a huge problem nationwide of people not paying for their healthcare. This pushes the costs up. The mandate was have private, state or be responsible for your bills you do incur. Once again, personal responsibility and also Conservative in approach.
Socialized medicine is not Socialism when it is just an alternative. ObamaCare wants to get rid of private health care. What Mitt signed did not. 8 bad things that Mitt vetoed have been added back since he left. What is he supposed to do about that.

Now the Tea Party and others seem to feel with their KING mentality that he somehow could have stopped the whole thing and some how he owes Conservatives an apology. Based on?  His state wanted the program. That is Constitutional. States Rights in a state of liberals. He could have just signed it as is and then you could have something to gripe about. But, he vetoed the bad excessive things. More people were covered. No new taxes to pay for it. It fit into the budget as only one percent of the state budget that was by the way balanced by him.

He left the state with a 2 Billion dollar slush fund. All of this accomplished against an 85% liberal legislature. One people get the bag off of their head, they might just realize he has a lot to be proud of, including the final bill that he signed in the health care. What happened after he left, is in no way on him. I see no one out there that has done what he has done, in the adverse conditions in one term.
Couple that with his being considered the best businessman in North Americas, and you have the very best Candidate....possibly ever.  No one in this race is even close. Rick Perry is by his own record the second best. Stop listening and start learning. Use common sense. If you love Ronald Reagan, you need to know he changed, He was once very liberal. He also learned from mistakes. Some were unavoidable and he made the best of things. But in the end, he stood successful. 

However if people watched over him and waited to throw red flag over red flag, we would have missed him. He had many red flags too.


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