Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How is Massachusetts Heath Care Romney Care?

There is an old saying in life. The truth will set you free. On the flip side of that is that bondage can occur when you fall prey to lies. Have you ever been lied about and have to spend like forever putting out fires? It can happen to anyone.

When Mitt Romney took over as Governor in  Massachusetts  he was told by the legislature that the state wanted socialized medicine. If anyone understands the civics make-up of the state operations they would understand that it is limited what the Governor can do. Eventually he will have to sign a bill. For example, Rick Santorum wrote the Welfare Reform Bill. Bill Clinton while President vetoed it two times. He had to sign it the third time it was presented to him. Now it is known as "Clintons Welfare Reform", even though he was not for it. Time has shown that it was a good thing.

   Mitt Romney did a lot of research on who had insurance in the state, who could afford it. He also looked into the pitfalls of the issues surrounding the high cost of heath care in the state that the tax payers had to fund because of people using the services for free. The plan that Mitt Romney came up with was vetoed by the 85% liberal legislature headed up by Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

So here we are, Mitt did not initiate taking on socialized medicine in Massachusetts . His plan he put forth was rejected. So then he was faced with the plan of the liberal legislature. Is he a King and can just free to say hell no? Not under the constitution he is not. Can he refuse to ever sign it? Well that would lead  to impeachment proceedings. But what did he do?

He found things in the Bill that were bad and vetoed those. When he did finally have to sign the Bill, it was not a bad plan. It did not cause any new taxes to pay for it. The plan was only 1% of the state budget and it did not cause any eradication of the private health care such as is found in Obamacare. They would co exist.

Now, once he left office, 8 things that are not good and are in ObamaCare were added which, like the Bill itself were out of his control.

Some people feel that he should be apologizing for the  Massachusetts  Health care and his part in it. I personally do not understand this misplaced self righteous attitudes. He did not initiate it, he did not write it. He did veto the bad aspects to it before by due process, have to sign it. He owes no apology to anyone. What was originally there was not a bad thing. There is a difference between socialized medicine and socialism. What is in place in Massachusetts  does not try and wipe out private medicine. Socialism would.

This is totally within the constitutional rights of the state. Mitt has made it perfectly clear he has never been for National Health Care. He has made it clear his first act as President would be to give all 50 states waivers against ObamaCare until it can be repealed in the house and senate. Here in the first minute of this Q and A with the Jewish Coalition, Mitt discusses heath Care in Massachusetts . If you listen with common sense you will understand better.

Mitt answers several things on this 18 minute tape. The most curious of course is in the first one about Heath Care. It starts around the 40 second mark. If you want to know, why not listen to the horses' mouth instead of just chiming in ignorantly as "Romney Care". 

I find his explanations very well presented and of the common sense nature on a topic people speak about but few will even try to take on.


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