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What are the issues for America to survive?

America has lost millions of jobs. The economy is in the sewer ditch. We face more problems in the spending deficit of 1.6 trillion dollars for just this budget. How do you fix all of this? It is obvious President Obama owns this baby.

A} Bad Economy
B} High Unemployment
C} Unbelievable Deficit Spending
D} Future disastrous financial difficulties with Obamacare and Cap and Trade taxes

Personally, I want a Candidate that has a proven record in the arena of fixing problems. I have not heard too many explanations on how to fix the economy by Republican Candidates. Everyone already knows President Obama clearly does not understand economics. The great economic mind, Thomas Sowell states that Obama knows less about an economy than any President in United States History.
It is almost an effortless venture to point to his economical advisers and see that less than 10% of them have ever worked in the private sector. More than likely his advisers are the worst in US Government History.

So who out there has put forth an answer when asked? Here is an answer by Mitt Romney when asked what his plan would be to get America back on track economically.

He gives a very good explanation. At the end of the tape he explains what to do. The interviewer does not follow very well and in the end when he starts to explain how Obama is failing she cuts him off. She doesn't get that Detroit took the Bail outs and still had to file bankruptcy.

1] Bring down our corporate and employer tax rates
2]Make our regulatory and bureaucratic burden lower
3] Adjust our foreign trade policies so it is favorable to the USA
4] Become Energy Independent, drill for Oil
5] Get our Schools to be World Class
6] Balance our budget, thus making the dollar stronger and increasing peoples investments

Words are nice. But what about a proven track record? What did Mitt Romney do that would make me want him above anyone else as President? Here I am, a Christian, wanting a Mormon as President when I am against the Mormon belief system and speak out about it. Mitt Romney has not Governed as a Mormon and has not pushed his faith on me or anyone else. He has also been very respectful of the right of others in their beliefs. That is good enough for me.

So what has Romney done? Well before he was Governor, he was asked by the International Olympic Committee to streamline and repair the fiscal mess that was possibly going to close down the Olympics. Not only did he do that, the security system that he implemented was so good it is now used in Superbowls and many sporting events.

"Romney's record turning around the Winter Olympics which was spectacular, his record as a very successful business leader, his record as governor of a very, very Democratic state - he's an impressive guy."
~Newt Gingrich

As Governor Mitt Romney took the state from 50th in Unemployment to 11th nationally in one term. Is unemployment a concern to you for America? It is me. He improved his state almost 80%. That state also had a liberal legislature fighting him with 700 veto's in his term. He vetoed them 844 times.

The state also had a 3 Billion dollar spending deficit that in 2 years he put at 1% in the black and never added a tax to do it. He cut 341 social programs to balance the budget. To you Tea Party People...that is downsizing the Government. It was done despite 85% of the legislature fighting him all the way.

In 2002, Massachusetts' economy was rapidly deteriorating.  It was ranked 50th, the second worst in the nation in its increase in unemployment. [1] Job losses were so great that although a dozen states were more populous, and California had over 5 times as many people [2], Massachusetts lost more jobs than anywhere else in the country:

“Massachusetts is number one in the nation in job losses, shedding 4.7 percent of all jobs over the last two years. The state has lost 71,000 manufacturing jobs, or 17 percent; 69,000, or nearly 14 percent, of all jobs in the professional and business services sector; and nearly 18 percent of all jobs in the information industry.”

Boston Globe - A little perspective - Apr 25, 2003

As you can see it was bad...........

Debt was mounting in the state government as jobs were leaving the state at such an alarming rate.

“Antitax activist Barbara Anderson recalls leaving the following message on Romney's answering machine: ''I know you're really busy now with the Olympics, but when you're finished, please come back and save Massachusetts.''

“The state party's new chairwoman, Kerry Healey, discreetly flew to Salt Lake City to gauge his intentions. He was noncommittal.

Boston Globe - Taking office, remaining and outsider - Jun 29, 2007

So  what happened?

The economic situation was so grave, that after Romney decided to run, Tim Russert (from NBC) said:

“Lets go to a very, very important issue confronting this state. It's fiscal health. This is what someone on Beacon Hill said just the other day:

''A lot of people think this has been bad. This was the warm-up! This was just spring training. There's no glimmer of economic optimism or life or confidence out there. The next governor, whoever it is, is going to have to address this aggressively.''

“ -Speaker Thomas Finnernan...

“There's a $300 million shortfall. There is a $2 billion structural deficit confronting Massachusetts. The budget is $23 billion, 40% of which is off the table because of court mandates and laws that you must provide that kind of funding. With the remaining $12 billion, you have to find $2 billion...”

CSPAN - Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate - Oct 29, 2002

That was in October, but by December the Boston Globe reported it got even worse:

“ "It's the worst I've seen it. Going back to the post-war era, I've never seen such an acute and focused fiscal crisis and particularly for the state government," said Richard P. Nathan, director of the Nelson Rockefeller Institute of Government at the State University of New York-Albany...

“The estimated budget gap of $547 million in Massachusetts is among the largest in total dollars, according to the report by the National Conference of State Legislatures... Massachusetts officials have predicted that in the next fiscal year the shortfall will far exceed an earlier projection of $2 billion.”

The Boston Globe - Deficits studies say crisis is worst since WWII - Dec 5, 2002

It continued to get worst. By the time Mitt Romney took office as governor of Massachusetts, the upcoming state budget for that year would have a structural deficit of nearly $3 billion if the budget was not cut. [3] Furthermore, the existing budget passed the previous year, that would be in effect for several more months, had a projected total deficit of approximately $1.2 billion [4a]. He inherited about a $650 million deficit in that budget by the time he took office. [4b]
Governor Romney convinced the legislature to allow him to immediately make changes to the existing budget. He immediately slashed spending and balanced that budget. [5] He then balanced each of the four annual budgets he created. He was dealing with a veto-proof legislature that was 85% democrat, but he was able to 'hold the line on all the spending that the democrats up there wanted to do.' [6] The budgets he submitted, fought for and succeeded in obtaining not only were balanced each year, but provided a surplus of $700 million in 2004, [7] nearly $1 billion in 2005 [8a],[8b],[8c] and a surplus of $700 million in 2006. He balanced the budget every year without raising taxes. [9] By the end of his term, he had taken "Massachusetts from billions in deficit to billions in surplus". [10] He turned in a $2 billion rainy day fund at the end of his term in office. [11]

An Introduction to Mitt Romney
Businessman Romney- how he differed in govt ways of spending
click to Play
Romney on how he balanced the budget & used funds (2:44)

(double click for full screen)
He sought to lower the state income tax from 5.3% to 5.0% but was unable to get the legislature to comply. [12a] However, Governor Romney did succeed in cutting taxes in many areas (as noted later in a few examples), but many cities and counties in turn raised their taxes. As he fixed the state's economy and deficit spending, Romney continued to cut taxes where possible. In 2007, the year he left office, The Tax Foundation, a national organization founded in 1937, determined that the combined state and local tax burden in Massachusetts was 9.9%, the same as it was in 2003 when he entered office. During that time, Massachusetts dropped from the 13th highest taxed state in the nation, to the 17th. [12b] The 2007 budget was his final budget as governor.
The unemployment rate had doubled from January 2001 to January 2003 when he took office, and was continuing to increase at a fast rate. He implemented pro-growth policies and programs. By summer the increase in unemployment had stopped and by fall unemployment was dropping. [13] While Massachusetts was 50th, or nearly the worst in the nation in the increase in unemployment rates the year that just ended when he took office, he got it down to 38th place his first year in office. [14] The unemployment rate continued to rapidly drop for nearly two years, hit a plateau for about a year and a half, then started dropping again at the end of his term of office (see chart below). The year he left office (2007), the trend in Massachusetts' unemployment rate was in the top ten in the nation [15], a big improvement from the 50th place it was in the year he won office.

More can be found right here:

We need a proven problem solver. I think Ann Coulter sums it up best when she states:
"The candidate Republicans should be clamoring for is the one liberals are feverishly denouncing. That is Mitt Romney by a landslide."

If you want to know where Mitt Romney stands on the issues, a great link is Mitt on the Issues

So what about National Health care? Mitt Says it is constitutionally a state by state decision and national Health Care should never be forced upon the USA. He says his first move as President is to give all 50 states waivers for Obamacare until it can be repealed.

Cap and Trade? He is against that and will fight to have that done away with. So in summary, He has balanced a budget by cutting programs. He has solved unemployment issues.  He will do away with Obamacare and Cap and Trade. So, in the scheme of the important things he hits it out of the ball park.

The more time I took in research, the more I knew America needs this proven problem solver...Mitt Romney




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