Friday, July 1, 2011

It can never happen to America

For some reason people have it etched in their minds that America can never fall. Its' constitution is the greatest governing document ever written. Americans always "find a way". We always overcome.
I would beg to differ. There have been many Governments since the dawn of man that have come and gone. Thomas Jefferson did not think this country would last beyond 70 years. They warned of always having good people in office, and the success of the country would depend on that. Look around. There are many people in office right now that have agendas, do not follow the Constitution, and do not take into consideration the best interests of the people.

What made America great was the individual efforts and commitments to doing what it took to make everything work in the vision that they had for a Country. The founding fathers  probably had an idea that they wanted some type of flag to represent the Country they were forming. But, as great as they were in forming the concepts for this government, rest assured that it is safe to say that none of them could have made that flag.

That is where Betsy Ross came in. She had the talent, ability and experience to be able to not only make that flag but to excel in doing so. Think about this.

You do not hire a lawn guy to rewire the electricity in your home. You do not hire a plumber to repair the bad drywall in your home. Now, if they needed work, they might just be able to give you a long sales pitch on, oh yeah I can do that. They may be very likable people. But more than likely is the fact that you will get substandard workmanship. In the end, you will kick yourself for trying to save a buck.
So you have been warned by the founding fathers. Many claim to be willing to die for this country. But are you willing to take a long look at candidates through proper eyes?
Does the truth matter in issues? Has your candidate proven to be a problem solver?  America is in the middle of a one and done tournament. If  you lose this time, you go home. This time around the damage is so bad that the country is on life support. You know, that plumber you like may well be a great constitutionalist; as maybe your lawn guy. But they are not proven in fixing budgets well over anyones imagination. They have no record of understanding how to repair an economy.
I have heard economists say that 90% of the elected officials have no clue how the economy actually works. Taking a look around at this recession, almost depression; tells me they are right. Well, it is the fault of the people of this country. We were warned about finding good people. But we have become lazy. Every time some plumber gives a great speech about drywall and how beautiful it can be with the right finish, we think that plumber has to be capable of doing the job.
Based on...a speech.
People like to poke fun at the people who supported President Obama, and point to his speech that fooled so many. Speeches that meant nothing really. Created to tickle people's ears. It worked and they hired a plumber to run a nation and what we have to show for it is disaster. The Tea Party was formed to take back America and to reform the GOP.
The Tea Party has done some very good things in awareness to what is going on in America. The onslaught against our freedoms. Many good things, but at the same time they are in search of some sort of perfection in a candidate. They throw around the word Rino as loosely as Ron Paul people use the word Neocon. I watch them support Donald Trump because he goes after the birth certificate issue of Obama. I watch them listen to a great man in Alan West and say that man should be President. Oh really? Based on what? Has he in a government position ever balanced an out of control spending deficit. Has he ever fixed a broken economy? No he has not. So you are hiring a plumber.
I love Michelle Bachman. She is a great woman. She loves this country. In her present position, she has done a wonderful job.  However she has not balanced a budget in the political arena, and experience is a must. She has not repaired a broken economy of which is a huge issue facing the United States. So, I ask you; why would you hire her? Because of her speeches and hard working ability. America is a Rolls Royce that is in a state of needing repair. The engine needs to be rebuilt. Who do you hire? The friendly mechanic, or the technician who specializes in Rolls Royce engines? The Rolls is a big investment.
Ronald Reagan was the greatest President  since the founding fathers. But he was not perfect. The Tea Party tries to paint him as such. But go look at his tax hikes etc. The chinks are there. But the over all accomplishments and leadership is great. Great man.

I can tell you why I support Mitt Romney. Great family man with no scandals. Great leader. His economic record as Governor was great. Look for yourself.from 50th in unemployment to 11th nationally after his term was up. He is proven. He enticed 111 new businesses and created 70,000 jobs in the small state of Massachusetts.

He is against Obama care and will repeal it.

He balanced a 3 billion a year spending deficit by cutting 341 social programs, and no new taxes. All of this with a 85% liberal legislature. Our two biggest needs and he has excelled.

He is against Cap and trade legislature:
“I am uncertain how much of the warming, however, is attributable to man and how much is attributable to factors out of our control. I do not support radical feel-good policies like a unilateral U.S. cap-and-trade mandate. Such policies would have little effect on climate but could cripple economic growth with devastating results for people across the planet.” -- Mitt Romney No Apology, p. 227   More here in his Video.

He is for the war on terror

He is for securing the borders, illegal aliens issues

He is pro-life

He is against Amnesty

His stance on the issues of today.

I know why I support Mitt. I have done a lot of research. I think he is far and away the best candidate. I encourage you to look at all of the candidates and instead of the smear campaigns against them, look and see if this person has balanced budgets of big proportions in a political arena, and been able to fix an economy. If they have not done that, they are not up to the task at hand. We have one President learning on the job and that is a disaster.

Think... make well thought out decisions.
Americas's future depends upon it.

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