Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Great Rino Debate

In the last Presidential election, it was won in some ways because someone played upon the emotions of a country upset over a war on terror that in many ways inconvenienced them. The words, Hope, Change, and Yes we can rang loud and continued to be spoken to crowds roused by their emotional anger. Roused by thinking about what they considered unjust in a unjust world.
It did not matter that the man speaking those words had zero track record in executive decision making. Had nothing to point to and say....I did this, I fixed that. Conservatives point to this and laugh and hee-haw over how stupid the liberal is. There are many things that they will say mocking the small ignorant mindset that they will tell you is just sheeple falling in line behind a failed ideology.

It is fun in many ways to make fun of these poor simpletons. Jump in line to let the rest of the Conservative Nation know that we all belong together and that this is what we do when we see how ridiculous they are.....but are our houses glass?

We wall off the world in search of the great Conservative hero that can lead us all in the direction of the Constitutionally Pure, Glory Land in the US of A. The only problem is that whenever we think we see a red flag, we cry out a term that is the easy way out, instead of doing just a little research to find out if what is said is true. Do we know the circumstances? Usually people do not. My best friend from High School was once told something about me that misrepresented me. He stated to that person, well I am sure Dennis had a good reason for why he decided to do what he did.  He didn't join in. He asked me later and I told him what had happened. The story he was relayed was not the truth and full of partial truths. Partial truths can destroy a persons life and character in the right arena.

 For me, the issues are what is important in retaking America as it was intended to be. It is not about possible problems brought on by presumptions. In the movie remake of "Heaven Can Wait" with Warren Beatty there was an important part where an Angel allowed him to die. The Angel thought that Beatty would be killed when hit by a car. The truth was he was not going to die, and thus the ongoing tale of the story to right a wrong.

   Conservatives seem to be looking for perfection. Whenever they presume something, the word Rino is thrown around. It has come to mean as much today as a Hooker telling a trick she loves him. Republican in Name Only. That's easy to say and can be quite slanderous to be honest. But just as the left seems willing to lie, cheat and do whatever it takes to have power....the right is just as bad in many cases.
Its kind of different when you ask a person what a Rino is not. One thing would be that a person is constitutionally sound. Another would be that the person is for keeping government smaller. Fixing problems through cutting programs instead of new taxation. They should believe in the individual to be able to fail or succeed based upon their own merit. They would be against socialized medicine on a federal level. Another thing, be for the closing of the borders and not spending money on illegal aliens heath care or education.No taxes on things like cap and trade.

Those are some of the basic beliefs that Conservatives wish to have in their political leaders.

Our heads are just as far in the sand as the liberals are. How can I say that?......Its simple. We are not honest either. The other day a portion of a clip on Mitt Romney discussing Global Warming was used against him. They tried to make it look like he fully believed it. The rest of the interview, if played would show that he did not think it was a good idea at all to follow the cap and trade route. He saw mans effects as limited and the whole thing as a natural cycle.  The media is quick to point this out and ignore the whole statement.

In our "Conservative America", many buy this like a hook line and sinker and throw out the Rino word once again towards Mitt Romney. To me it just shows how little difference there is between the liberals and conservatives in their mind set.

In 2008, Romney was considered the Great Conservative. Now he is for some lame reason considered a Rino. He is called a Washington Insider, one of the career politicians of our time that needs to go. He has served in Politics, one Governorship term. That is it. So how do the so called brilliant Conservatives derive this? Please tell me? He recently was accused of supporting Global Warming...but what did he really say?


 Here are some of his stances he shared there and in his book:
“I am uncertain how much of the warming, however, is attributable to man and how much is attributable to factors out of our control. I do not support radical feel-good policies like a unilateral U.S. cap-and-trade mandate. Such policies would have little effect on climate but could cripple economic growth with devastating results for people across the planet.” -- Mitt Romney No Apology, p. 227
Summary: Mitt Romney on Cap and Trade/Global Warming
*Cap and Trade legislation would be disastrous for our economy.
*The earth’s climate has been constantly changing throughout its history.
*We should not take extreme measures when we are unsure of human role in global warming.

On the other side, where is the Conservative base when Sarah Palin made some of her remarks which are similar and actually even more extreme?  This is much worse.

To say Mitt Romney is a Rino and Sarah Palin is not is pretty ridiculous. Neither one of them are Rino's. On this subject they just show concern for the planet. They do not put forth Cap and Trade as an answer. This just gets old and it is really a ploy of the left to divide and conquer. Do Rino's exist? Yes they do, but the use of the term is greatly abused.

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