Thursday, June 23, 2011

Irresponsible Conservative Journalists

If you want to find articles that make it us against them, there are many to be found out there. But as I read, double check, there is just as much irresponsibility and laziness among the so called conservative journalists as there is in the liberal mainstream media.
Do you want me to call them liars? Many of them are. Everyone has an agenda. But should that agenda be at the  expense of the truth and at the expense of someones true character and record? The so called Conservative crowd seems to enjoy it when we make fun of Obama. Talk about what he is doing that is either stupid, evil or just plain far off of the mark. I get it. I know he is bad news. I know he is incompetent. But even in all of that we stretch it even a bit and put all these presumptions as exclamation points. Its fun and it burns off the anger a bit.

This years GOP class is as conservative of a group as we have seen in a long time, top to bottom. Yes we have the loon Ron Paul, but he is fiscally conservative. There is great intellect in Romney and Gingrich. Both Conservatives and the only two who balanced budgets in very adverse conditions. Yes Newt Gingrich is a conservative. Every person has their Chinks. If you studied how Romney fought a veto proof legislature and took the time to see what he did fight, you would then know how truly conservative he was. Intellectual honesty.....
Instead of breaking bread together and looking at the circumstances involved in a politicians life and couple that with what they have stood for, their leadership qualities, their ability to not only solve problems, but also choose good people around them and delegate as needed. Instead we look to see if they have the look, and how well they can speak. Are they always electable.
 In my state alone, Rick Scott took on insurmountable odds and in his 5 month campaign ousted Bill McCullom and won the general. He is dong an awesome job. Balancing a budget, influx of jobs, maneuvers to save jobs. He is great. Rick Scott was labeled a criminal, a fraud. You name it. The slander came from all sides. And guess what, with just some simple research would prove that these accusations ranged from outright lies to at best less than a half truth. We have a great Governor. In spite of it all.
Marco Rubio is the next great communicator. The rumors abound that Mitt Romney would take him as a running mate. That would be as good of a combo maybe in United States history. It took a lot for the jr, Senator to even get to this point. He had just finished his run as the House Speaker in the state of Florida. The GOP was all set to hand the GOP spot to Charlie Crist. Marco was down 40 points. The good people spoke out in outrage at having no choice. he did not have the money Rick Scott had to run for Governor. The people prevailed. He was allowed to run. He went from 40 points down to not only winning by 20. Charlie Crist also left the GOP to become Independent and still got toasted.

Many national Political Guru's did not think either could do it. But they did. 

Do some research. Stop listening to journalism and check out facts like voting records etc. Try and understand each candidates reasons instead of ignorantly chanting Rino as easily as others chanted, Hope, Change and Yes we can. Otherwise, you are no more informed than that group was.

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