Sunday, June 19, 2011

Be Relevant Tea Party

I can remember going to a Tea Party event in Orlando a few years ago. There were people from all ranges in the spectrum. The Paulbots, the end of Days people, the New World Order group. It was pretty diverse. Many had their signs etc. In a way it reminded me of a hippie peace march of the 60's. The speeches were like preaching to the choir more than anything. The sad part is that some wanted to make it a political party in itself and that is a huge mistake.
One of the biggest issues, and it gave us John McCain; is the winner take all states. John McCain would never have won the primary last time if it were not for the winner take all states in the GOP Primary. If the Tea Party wishes to do something that will help, this should be their first push against the GOP. Change that. GET RID OF WINNER TAKE ALL STATES!!!
I also noticed that there were many copies of the Constitution being passed out. Yes this is a good thing to read the Social Contract between the states. It is good to know what the groundwork is for the United States. But this is only a start. There is a much much bigger issue at hand. Common sense and the ability to understand governmental proceedings seems to be greatly lacking in the Tea Party. The Tea Party throws around the word Rino as much as Ron Paul supporters seem to wish to call anyone that points out one of the many Ron Paul deficiencies a Neocon. Neocon is short for, I do not know how to debate you, but I know my man is right. Geez...did he really do that? So they say Neocon.
Michael Reagan said it best. he said that in today's world and the attitude of groups such as the Tea Party, that his father would never win a primary. What could he mean by this? The Statuesque position he holds as the Beacon of Conservationism is rightfully his. But his record is in no way perfect. He was beat up by a liberal legislature as a Governor and lost a few battles against a democratic house and senate as President. He was once a pro-choice man and helped get one of our most liberal Presidents, FDR elected. In today's crowd the Tea Party would crucify him on talk show radio as well as message boards and the internet. Its just the truth.
Ronald Reagans best asset was his leadership. Which also can be a thorn if you do not know how to defuse situations and teach people in non threatening way. When people do this today, they are called a Rino by the Tea Party.
   All of the GOP Candidates that took place in the New Hampshire debate are conservatives. There are no Rinos there in that group. Now, there are proven leaders in that group as well as some with minimal leadership skills. But there are no Rino's.

The Tea Party is more into propaganda being put out there as bait, than they are into looking realistically into each candidates credential in a truthful way. Unless they get a handle on this and make it about who has done the best job in the past while considering the circumstances and who has the best ideas, then the wheels are being spun in the proverbial mud pit of life. 

   You have people stating that if the Tea party Candidate is not chosen then hey, lets start our own party. Or they say they will not vote. Either of these choices is a vote for Obama and he is counting on this type of ignorance out of Conservatives.

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