Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Cino Man

   All over I find people pumping their fists in the air as they cry out for conservative values and strict adherence to the Constitution  for America. They march on the courthouses of Cities and States all across America. Proclaiming their vast knowledge of that constitution and the conservative values. Unfortunately they quickly forget some things..... such as Reagan's 80-20 rule in which if you can agree on 80%, then that is a good thing. Secondly they forget that Reagan also said to forget a third party and just fix the GOP.
So here they are all caught up in the dont tread on me. They read their Red State, Town Hall, NRO, Cato Institute articles and look for everything they can find that may build up their own Candidate and tear down everyone else's.  The real things get ignored. After all conservatism is the perfect beast that can bring us all back to a place of Prosperity and peace in the land. A real Conservative does believe in personal responsibilities. They also realize that it is not perfection, but a way of life that helps give people the opportunity to succeed instead of being bogged down by red tape and anchors placed upon them.

Conservative in name only. I see people like that that are quick to believe that people are what is promoted, whether in a liberal rag, TV or even in the so called Conservative networks. If you aren't willing to look at the whole and do due diligence in your opinions, then you are not a Conservative. Not a real one. Instead you are placing a line for a person to walk that more than likely is one that you yourself are not walking and could not walk. I am in no way perfect. But I also am also Okay with that 80-20 rule. I can not support for instance a candidate for President that is not excellent and proven economically. They need to be great in adverse situations, because the unemployment issue has to be something they have deal with, and been successful in their track record.

Real Conservatives understand conditions the game is played in. In football if you play in an ice storm and you are a pass oriented offense that averages over 300 yards a game, more than likely, due to the conditions involved; that normal performance is not going to happen.

Ronald Reagan is usually the standard bearer for Conservatives in America. He was the great communicator. His trickle down economics saved the American economy. One in which Jimmy Carters' spending was having us print money at a rate of 12% spent. Now under Obama, we are printing at 120%.  But, if we look at Ronalad Reagans record as Governor of California in a liberal state where he had his back against the wall......well it was not pretty.
He was "once an FDR Democrat. You can not say that he was the life long conservative. But he did change. He could be called the greatest flip flopper in history if you have an issue with people changing their minds. But he changed to the good side. He took his lumps, had regrets in his governorship. But he learned from that. Real Conservatives understand that part of the greatness from individuals is learning from mistakes and most importantly getting back up and succeeding. Here is what was part of that bumpy road.

  • Was once a pro-choice liberal who helped elect one of the most liberal Presidents we've ever seen
  • While Governor, signed into law a tax increase that is one of the largest for a state in our nation's history
  • Inherited a massive deficit, but actually increased spending to the tune of doubling his state's budget
  • Signed one of the most liberal abortion laws in the country into law(though regretted it later on)
  • state funding for public schools increased 105% in his tenure
  • Signed welfare reform that helped relieve the caseload, but also increased benefits by 30%
  • Expanded his state's medicaid system which was the largest in the country
  • Signed some of the first tailpipe emission standards into law in his State
  • Tax witholding was introduced during his tenure as Governor
These are just some of the things on his record as Governor and there are other stories about his beliefs such as being rumored to support the Brady Gun Law, rumored to want to disarm our nuclear weapons and more. However, there are mitigating factors within his record that a reasonable person could understand. He attempted to cut his state's government spending by 10% across the board, but then had to restore some of the funding because some of these agencies were cut as thin as it was with the budget. He fought for tax cuts several times(and won a couple battles such as with property and inventory tax cuts), but was outnumbered by the leftist house and senate of his state. * Researched by Cory Thompson

Now a CINO would look at all of this and blame Ronald Reagan for this and totally discount him as a Candidate. They also would call him a Rino because he was just being thrust back at us as a Candidate and had already had his chance. Some of it was Reagan's fault.  But the man learned from failed Policies and he went on to become not a perfect President, but a top 5 of all time.

Cino's seem lost in recognizing  the playing field. Was the field they played on "Conservative Friendly"? Or was it an ice storm where you had to just gut it out and do the very best that you could in bad conditions? What was that person able to do and how bad were they beaten up by the conditions. Were they able to flourish?

Conservatives understand all of this. Especially people who have to deal with all of this on a daily basis. Conservatives have common sense. They are not one trick ponies. They abide in the land of the 80-20 rule and determine if that person they consider is capable and even more so experienced with a proven track record that is tempered by the circumstances involved.

The Cino's are just like Goobers. They repeat what they hear without any real research and considerations of conditions involved and are too caught up in their groups to be responsible people within the beliefs that they do have. The sad part is they are not willing to look at what really happened from a constructive viewpoint. They are like couples that fight with no middle ground. Each fight is a deal breaker to them and the 80-20 rule is never considered. There is no middle ground. The good has no bearing because the concentration is on words, not actions within accomplishments versus the failures. Cino's see red.

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