Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can You take the Healthcare truth?

Recently Mitt Romney explained the Massachusetts Health Care Plan. This is a great explanation of the vast difference between that states Health Care Plan and the Obama Care. You can just go along, allow people to say what they wish to say, or you can hear an in-depth explanation of the here's and why fores of the thing people wish to call bad. Why do you not look at what it actually is instead of thinking you know.

Here is the VIDEO on C-SPAN

Here is your chance to  hear it from the horses mouth. Here is a chance to be intellectually honest instead of emotional opinions. Here is your chance to learn about problem solving and why some decisions are made. This takes 49 minutes and gives you what happened and why. It also in his words allows you to see why there is no need to apologize for what they have in Massachusetts . It is nothing like Obama Care.

If you take the time and listen to his words and stop with just accepting what people have to say, you just might take a step back and go, yeah this makes sense. What he did was not such a bad thing after all. I hope that you take the time. If you do not, do not bug me because I have taken the time to listen to this, as well as research what he did do as in vetoes. I also know Governors are not kings and there is such thing as due process. Intellectual Honesty is the only real answer.

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