Saturday, June 11, 2011

Problem Solvers get the Criticism

    Here in Florida we are one Governor removed from 3% unemployment. Our state has been in big trouble under Charlie Crist. He fooled the Cato Institute into calling him the most fiscally conservative Governor in America one year.He skewered data by using stimulus money.

Governor Rick Scott took over a mess here in Florida. 12% unemployment, a continuing deficit spending in the budget. He has it at 10% so far. One of the issues is that Charlie Crist accepted stimulus money and used it to hire more teachers and state workers with the $900 million dollar stimulus money, which is now gone. How do you pay for something in which you have no money? This means many people will lose their jobs.

He started off by coming up with a plan used in every other state in America. Teachers contributing 5% towards their own retirement. They never had before. Of course the Unions cried foul. They didn't tell the teachers that jobs were on the line, only that they were being "infringed upon by a bully". So, of course opinions and imaginations run wild. In some ways I wish he had just let those jobs fall by the wayside.

   The weak kneed Republicans in the house and senate took that 5% down to 3%, not supporting him fully in a needed operation. Playing politics instead of actually making a difference and saving jobs.

   So what did Governor Scott do? Remember he is a problem solver. He took a long look at the pork projects of both Democrats and Republicans and cut out $615 million dollars and is attempting to to give it to the schools to save jobs and overcome job loss that was destined without his intervention.

   So where now are the Unions? You know the guys that supposedly care about you? They should be giving credit as credit is due. I think Thomas Sowell said it best when he said Unions aren't for you, they are for Unions.
I have learned one thing. People who are problem solvers can do many great things. You need to trust a proven problem solver. They have your best interests at heart whether you understand what is really going on or not. Rick Scott when he was in the HCA as CEO had a dilemma.  The cost of heath care was going up 18% annually. That cost of course was doled out to the consumer. Within two years he had streamlined, cut out dead wood and the annual rise in cost was less than 2%. He helped form Solantic health Centers here in Florida. Their costs are half of what the other clinics are. He knew what he was doing then and he knows what he is doing now. He tried to cut $5  Billion out of the budget, but the law makers failed him. He still balanced the budget . He went to work right away towards making Florida Healthy.

   So far Rick Scott has wooed 11 international businesses to set up shop in Florida. He is working on making Florida Port friendly, and the Port leader in the United States. He has great plans that take a little time. I believe his plans can be the model for America to succeed.

thanks to Cory Thompson for research

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