Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crush, Kill....Destroy

Facebook is am interesting place. You will find as they say "all kinds" there. I have had many different types of friends there in the 2 plus years I have been active there.

A lot of my friends have either been fellow Christians or they have been friends in the political realm. I have  cut back to having less than 500 friends on there for diverse reasons. Common sense has a lot to do with it. One thing that has not went out of style over the years is extremism. 20 years ago I was prone to the thoughts of conspiracies. It was the only thing that made sense if you were angry and thought that things had to have this deep dark side to every little thing that you had no control over. Its easier to point this out than to actually do some research and put 2 and 2 together.
Do conspiracies exist? Of course they do. Is everything that we do not understand a conspiracy? Of course not. It is like when things mysteriously happen around your house. Usually there is an explanation for it if you take the time to use a well thought out process of deductions. But, its much easier to come up with a loony concept and makes for interesting discussion.
One name always comes up. The "Illuminati". Who is to say if it exists or if it is as powerful as folklore has it. If it is as entrenched as it is, the question is, what are you really going to do to fend it off? After all, they control the money right? If that is the case then it is very very limited that you can do anything at all. Another name for them is the "Rome Club". Believed to be 12 families ruling the world. The interesting part is, if absolute power corrupts, then how do they get along to carry out their sinister plans? Good question.
The next boogeyman is the Federal Reserve System. I will agree that it is one of the biggest problems facing the United States. I also can agree that it probably is at least somewhat privately owned. It does need to be independently audited.  I do not think that when things become entrenched within the fibers of a Government, that they can just be done away with. It is deeper than that. Should it be done away with? Yes. But I do not see that happening and an independent audit is probably the best that you can hope for. All of this protesting the Federal Reserve existing is not going to get rid of it.
The issue I see within face book that scares me and bothers me the most is the militant approach of a violent approach to overthrowing the government. This thought is not only insane and a misplaced patriotic loyalty; it is impossible. This is not 1900, let alone 1776 when just the weapon factor alone was on an even keel. This is a whole new world. Yes there are some militias out there. These groups are not as big as you may think or as organized as one would like to think.
95% of the people promoting these type revolutions could not even take on a police swat team. Yet they have pictures up on their profiles, showing them brandishing a weapon. As if they are in a position to be able to take on a well trained force such as even a SWAT  team. How about the National Guard? They could not even do that.
When John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln, he totally expected to be a national hero. Whether he was or not is always up to debate, depending on how you view what Lincoln was. But in the History books he is painted in a bad way.
The one thing I do know is that if a violent revolt does indeed happen, it will be very fragmented and people that may have good intentions will die. They will have some misguided concept of their own glory. Words such as you can take my gun when you pry my cold dead fingers from it dancing in their heads.
The media will report the uprising in the slanted way that it always does, painting you as a loon that is anti-government, out of control and a domestic terrorist. More than likely, you and anyone by your side will be buried in mass graves to make you out as an example. The military will believe it is serving the best interests of the country as they put you down with their superior numbers and weaponry. But you will at least go down loving those founding fathers and a piece of paper that has been greatly ignored since the Civil War.
Before you do all of this, you had better take a long look at your family and friends because you are going to die. Despite what may happen in a Government, you still have them to think about first. God was still God to the Christians in Communist countries. Are we better than those people because we face the possibility? It is pretty selfish to fight a violent revolt that has no chance, when it has to be fought at the ballot box. Be wise. Do not be foolish.

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