Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party, newbies or what?

Since the craziness of Democratic' Socialistic Policies have come down the pike, there have been many people decide to take a bigger stake in the election and governing processes of the land. In many cases they are like the teenager that gets a little information and runs with it. Running out into traffic without really paying any attention at all. The result is you will get hurt, or you will get killed. They rarely miss when they have no idea which direction you are going, any better than you do.

Rhetoric is always the path for the newbie. They find people who play on their emotions and angers and bow down at the throne of "knowledge". Or is it really knowledge or someone satisfying their aggravations. Pretty soon their list of purism is in place. They have the Constitution up there as a saving grace. Yet in the midst of all of this, they do not realize the Constitution is merely a social contract between the States. Its not a cure all. A strict Constitutionalist is not necessarily a problem solver. Just someone who adheres to the guidelines of the social contract.

These people, once they have their list, scrutinize people with standards that grow every day. Its' just a good thing no one is watching them daily. They would be called flip floppers, Rino's, Cino's, Neocons and whatever else that you could come up with.

It is sad. But that is just how it is. Instead of intellectual  honesty. They just believe what is said. Instead of understanding that their representatives can not always do as they or the representative would like....they are like piranhas waiting to swoop in.

Here in Florida, Alan West is under scrutiny. He isn't perfect. Of course this is the same Alan West that when he bashes Obama, he is loved and looked upon as Presidential for some reason.

Now, because he votes a certain way, explains why....the grand ol' Tea Party is talking of putting someone up to run against him. Alan West, one of the rising stars. All because these idiots disagree with him. All because he realized what he voted for was not perfect, but in the circumstances it was probably the best that he could get. He is smart. They are idiots. Yes, Idiots. I am frankly over them. I am a conservative, not an idiot. I take the time to find out whats' what.

Here in Florida we have what I consider the best Governor in America. Rick Scott. Scott Walker of Wisconsin gets kudos' from America. Walker balanced his 400 million deficit. He took on the Teachers Unions. Well, Rick Scott balanced a 4 Billion deficit in our budget. By my last count he had wooed 11 new international businesses and brought in 84,000 new Jobs. The Charlie Crist debacle that took us from 3% unemployment to 12% is going down.

He stopped the high speed rail which would have been a huge boondoggle to Florida. He has had to fight against the Republicans, or else things would be even much better. He is doing everything he promised he would do. With change, its like a little child crying all the way. He also took on the teachers unions. Many Teachers jobs were formed with dried up stimulus money. He tried to get the Teachers to pay 5% into their retirement, like every other state. That would have solved the debt spending in education. His GOP in the state only went to 3%. He then cut $615 million in Dem and GOP projects to try and save more teachers jobs. They do not even understand what he did. Its'amazing how much they lie, but that is what socialists do.

So I ask, where is the Tea Party? What are they thinking? Or do they think at all. These types of actions are exactly why they have no credibility at all in my book. They should be rallying around this man...if indeed they were worth a hill of beans. If they really were as informed as they think they are. But they are nowhere to be found. <missing in action! These are the same people who claim they are ready for civil disobedience and a revolution? What a joke.

They do all of this word speak about Reagan, Conservativism and the Constitution, but they do not follow Ronald Reagan's 80/20 rule. Reagan didn't preach perfection. He spoke of the greatness of America. He spoke of no new 3rd Party, just fixing the GOP. Hard task? Nothing worth while is easy.

Wow, hard work, doing the best you can; and understanding that everything, and everyone is not perfect. Who would have thunk it huh? I don't need a Tea Party. I have the GOP with all of its imperfections. Gee, that's just like me. A third Party would not face the same issues with corruption here and there? If you do not think so, I know of a bridge in Brooklyn. But I do know one thing, sitting out voting; and going third party only helps the Socialist Democratic Party win and do more of the same.

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