Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I used to tolerate Sarah Palin

In the beginning when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate, I tried to see what all the ado was about. I listened, and listened and listened and all I could hear was talking point. Never any explanations. Then she went on this little tour and I thought, now she can wow them.  She come off as an idiot on Saturday night  live. The View? Oh yeah that was wonderful. Barbara Walters? More empty suit. One thing was clear, whenever she was challenged one on one she did not stand up very well. She even looked very uncomfortable and unsure of herself when she was going up against Joe Biden in the debates.
 Recently, talk show host Laura Ingram told Sarah that she is not helping the cause by the things she is saying. Calling her basically a sideline purist. I used to think, well she is a good cheerleader,let her keep doing what she is doing. However now, she is turning into an idiot that is a reactionary instead of a well thought out leader. Leader? Aren't leaders supposed to use informed judgement?

We have a dunce in the white house. We want another one? She was Governor of an easy state to Govern. Republican friendly. She speaks to the hearts of the reactionists in the Tea Party.

Those who react before they think. The same ones Michelle Bachman and Tim Pawlenty and others pander too. They signed stupid pledges before even reading them. These same people that do not understand that you can not always get what you want when in public office and you do the best you can.

I do not want a reactionary in the White House. I want someone who is honest, cool, calm collected and is a proven problem solver. It is that simple. We had a panderer running last time in Mike Huckabee. Pandered to Christians. Lied a long the way about his record. He lied about other candidates records as well.

Palin is not a bad person. I am not saying that. But she is at the same time full of herself. She conveniently distances herself from the other candidates, while not really taking on any of the real issues with explanations and answers. Instead she takes the simple popular stances that people do who like to think of life in a perfect way, perfect world which is not reality. Instead of confronting anyone one on one, she takes potshots at a distance and moves on.

People will say, lets stop going after "our own" and concentrate on Obama and getting him out of office. My answer to that is unless you deal in truth, you are part of the problem. Palin has endorsed buddies. She has spouted out some of the most ridiculous non-truths (would you like "lies" better?). Personally I have had it. So what is good about it? When she talks against Obama? Haven't seen her debate him. The only debates I have seen her in weren't Pretty.

My conclusion is she is a media player. She loves all of the attention. Its not pretty. But, if she loved America and felt she really was the answer as President, she would have been running by now. Instead she is always making statements, always playing people to beg her to do something that...she is in no way qualified to do. Talking a good game is one thing. Participating is another. She is a politician just like any other politician. That's part of her game, trying to make people think she is not. That she is more like you. But to me she is full of herself and full of crap. She is not me. I am honest and I want a good candidate. I am not on her side. She lies and misrepresents. ???

It was just the other day she said "Why isn't Romney coming out with a statement regarding the ceiling debt etc. Well, Palin you IDIOT. He had already previously spoken out a bit about it. He also takes the time to read something, look at the bad anddddddddddddddddd good points if there are any and then come to an educated decision. This is a prime example why he is extremely qualified to lead. It is also a prime example why you are not. He is humble, he isn't full of himself. Its not about him to himself. Its about the tasks at hand.

The 2 biggest issues in America is deficit spending and jobs. Mitt Romney is the only candidate that has successfully dealt with both as a Governor.  His successes in the private sector are unmatched as well. Hey Sarah, instead of being a coward, why not challenge Mitt to a debate? Yeah right. He destroyed Rudy who is an excellent debater. He took Huckabee to task. Bad idea huh? But if you love America like you say you do, why not stop pandering and lying about things. Oh wait...that's what politicians do.

Instead of playing all of these games, why not point out Michelle Bachman has never fixed an economy, has no political executive experience? How about pointing out Rick Perry was once Al Gores' Presidential Campaingn manager. Point out how is he going to make tough cuts in spending when he has doubled the spending in Texas in his tenure. So, how is he going to fix the big issue? Oh yeah, why don't you point out Massachusetts issues with Health care was to fix a 384 Billion deficit that was putting health care out of business. Sarah why don't you point out that Mitt believes in states rights and has never been for Nationalized health care? Why don't you point out that he was the first candidate to point out that his first act as President would be to give all 50 states waivers against ObamaCare until it could be repealed? That would be the honest thing to do. Instead you misrepresent things.

Liars usually lie to try and make themselves look better to others. Its' pretty obvious this is the case with Sarah Palin. Phoney.


  1. You're a douche bag

  2. Dear know i love you like blood family. For almost 2.5 years i have enjoyed your blogs on spiritual and political issues. You have a great gift for writing, Den. I commend your decision to be a Romney advocate...and have appreciated your writings about why you have made your decision for Romney. You have made some very interesting and valid points regarding you support for his ideas. But, if i may say...i do not believe it was necessary for you to yield to having to try to disqualify the potential presidential candidate, Sarah Palin via name calling...i.e. 'media whore'...etc. I would much rather see you use your talent to continue expressing "Positive Reasons" to consider Romney for President for 2012. Blessings to ya my dear friend and lil brotha.