Saturday, July 23, 2011

Romney Supporters getting off track..and it could hurt Mitt badly

Mitt Romney is a good  man. Great family man. His record in  the private sector as a businessman and problem solver are unmatched by anyone in the Oval office now, or any candidate that  is running or considering running.

Mitt is ahead right now because he is doing what Ronald Reagan did when he spanked Jimmy Carter. He made it about the issues. He went after that. There was no need for anything else. The same is true today. Mitt is making it about the loss of Jobs in America. He can easily points to the fact as Governor in a state with great adversity that was found in an 85% liberal legislature; he took his state from  50th in unemployment to 11th in his one term.

The second issue is that he downsized government by cutting 341 social programs, with no new taxes to balance a 3 billion a year spending deficit. With the insane spending of Obama and the Democrats. If the Tea Party was half as smart as they think they are, they would be looking at this aspect and Sarah Palin would not be their Sweetheart, Mitt Romney would be their King instead.

Alaska ran just as well before Sarah, and has not missed a beat without her. So where is greatness, when there is no point of distinction?

Mitt keeps his personal beliefs personal. he respects others, and in that, the Mormonism is not an issue to me. It is too bad the Mormon people are not leaving well enough alone. Mitt's family for several generations have been Mormon, so i understand why he took this path.

Mitt won me over in 2007 based on his abilities, his track record, and his ability to teach and explain about things. I find him an excellent leader. I look at his 844 vetoes and the fact he was vetoed 700 times by the Massachusetts legislature. I take the time to  find the whys and why nots' of things. He is as conservative as any person who has run for the Presidency.

His record will always be an asset, no matter how many people misinterpret the Health Care in that state.

His Mormonism is not going to be his downfall if he has one. The downfall is going to be from other Mormons. Why would I say this? Well lets be honest, the background of violence, and more than one wife in the History of Mormonism is never going to be forgotten. Just those two things a lone will never set right in the minds of most people. If I bring up the magic underwear then we will even go to another level. Let alone, teaching that one day you will be a little God.

That does not fly!

 What is hurting Mitt Romney in his religious beliefs are the Mormons sidetracking his candidacy by making it about Mormonism. We have people out there trying to say Mormonism is Christian. I am sorry, but it is not. Its Mormonism. I have no issue with a persons individual beliefs. However when they try and pass it off as Christianity, when it clearly is not; then I am offended. Then it becomes an issue. It becomes a place of contention for many many people. The Mormons themselves that do this, are hurting Mitt.

The focus should be on the issues, and what Mitt brings to the table. That is what wins. This is not the time to try and defend your religious beliefs or to promote them. Now we have stories linking Mitt to JFK and how he had to overcome Catholicism, and some so called persecution. Lets face it, with strange beliefs comes scrutiny. Thats'  just how it is.

Doesn't it make sense to stick to the issues? The issues are not ones religion. The issues are the economy, spending and the protection of the country. Yes, Mormons your faith is important. But now is not the time or the podium to be pushing it.  Choose wisely. Mitt does.


  1. I could not let this post stand without sharing my thoughts. I agree that this election should not be about religion. The issues facing our country are far too serious for us to get bogged down on personal and spiritual issues. We each seek a relationship with God in the way we are most comfortable.

    Your statement that Mormons are not Christians I disagree with. I don't say this expecting or hoping to change your mind. You will believe what you believe, and that's fine. By saying Mormons are not Christians, you leave the impression that Mormons don't believe in Jesus Christ. I testify to you that I echo the words of Paul in his epistle to the Romans, “for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth .”

    I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that he died for me and was resurrected the 3rd day. He lives. I believe that it is only through His atonement I can receive forgiveness for my sins and shortcomings.

    If confirming and reconfirming my testimony of Jesus Christ is offensive to those who disagree with the LDS church, that is a price I am willing to pay.

    I hope that we as a nation are mature enough to not allow our religious differences to interfere with our voting decisions. I respect my Christian brethren and sisters, and value their contributions to the moral and ethical foundation of this country.

  2. "Well lets be honest, the background of violence, and more than one wife in the History of Mormonism is never going to be forgotten."

    In that one paragraph you sum up your entire ignorance of the LDS beliefs and history. Seriously? You expected the "mormons" to roll-over in Utah, just as they had in IL, MO, OH, NY, VT, etc? They were tired of being burned out of home and community, while their husbands, fathers, mothers and children were massacred.

    Yeah, polygamy... That has no Biblical backing now does it? Oh, wait... it does.

    Magic underwear? Seriously, again? They are no more magic than Jesus walking on water, changing water to wine, etc... Okay, they are much less magic than that. In fact, the Jews, Catholics, any "Man of the Cloth"... will you deride these people as non-God fearing? With the exception of Jews, are these men of the cloth not Christian?

    I know that you support MR and not for religious reasons. I'm glad for that. I support MR because he can turn this country around better than any other candidate will be able to do - not because he is LDS.

    To say that Mormons aren't Christian, but are Mormons, is to also say that Catholics aren't Christian, but it is Catholicism; Baptists aren't Christian, they are Baptists; Lutherans aren't Christian, it is Lutheranism; Methodists aren't Christian, it is Methodology; etc, ad nauseum.

    You can't expect members of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" to roll over and say - no, we're not Christian, we don't talk of Christ, we don't rejoice in Christ, we don't preach of Christ, we don't prophesy of Christ, and we don't write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

    Of course not. But the LDS DO look to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for salvation and a redemption of our sins so that we may return to God. We DO look forward to that day when He comes again.

    Besides all of that, you are trying to assert a veiled attack on Mormonism by attempting to deflect that it shouldn't be a topic in the Presidential race. I agree, one's religion is not a topic for a political candidacy and MR, and I think most of his supporters, are staying away from that topic... unlike some of the other candidates in the race, both in 2008 and 2012. But by stating it shouldn't be about religion and then attacking that religion defeats your attempt at quelling the situation.