Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where is the Florida Tea Party now?

I went to a Tea Party one time in Orlando Florida, I believe April 15th 2009. I was pretty underwhelmed. A lot of fringe goof balls. Some local uninformed  people like Bud Heddinger who was a news anchor years ago. Nice guy but just not a source of information.

Florida just had a month where more jobs were created than all of the states combined. Yet where is the love? On a daily basis the ragweed of so called journalists rip on Governor Rick Scott. They lie about what he does and why, each day. The Tea Party is quick to bitch and complain about any politician. They look for their so called perfect candidates. But why do they stand still when a person they elected to do things, does what he said he would do and is being lied about?

To me, until you stand up and defend a good man that has integrity, fights for you on a daily basis...You are a bunch of phonies. Your walk does not match your talk. Patriots? What a joke. Many talk about a revolution in which you will fight to the death. Yet, you will not march in favor of a man who is constitutional. Is doing his best to save this state. You are all full of hot air. You are all a joke when the poop hits the fan. When the heat gets too hot in the kitchen, you are no where to be found.

Rick Scott had a 7 year plan to raise 700,000 jobs here in Florida. He is on pace to attain that in 4 1/2 years. Yet no one says anything. He travels and brings back companies from other countries willing to relocate, or expand to here. He has taken on issues such as a deficit and made great headway in the few months he has been in office.

Why don't you hold rallies to support what Rick Scott is doing. It is just as important as any rally you had before. But that would be inconvenient wouldn't it? I mean after all he is in office. It would be your chance to tell people all of the wonderful things he is trying to get done in Florida. But wait? Do you even know what those things are? I would venture no. That would take some research. He fights everyday for the best interests of me and you and what do we do for him? Nothing. We let him get beat up in the media and lied about. So, where are these so called Florida Tea Party leaders? Waiting for the next election?

People do not count the cost. The cost is great. Many people have actually given their lives for this country. We say how appreciative we are. Yet when a dear person like Rick Scott stands alone basically and tries to fix and do the right thing, these so called self proclaimed Patriots sit at home with their little fake muskets up their butts.

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