Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saying no to Sarah Palin means what?

First we had to deal with the Ron Paul followers that every time you said thanks, but no thanks, they called you a Neocon. It was their little way of saying if you do not like Ron Paul there is something wrong with you. Their demeanor and approach was that of a religious cultist. Trained to think one way regardless of the facts. Unable to hold a debate because when the obvious weaknesses of Ron Paul are explained they act like little children. Hold their hands over their ears and keep screaming Neocon. That is all they have.

Well we have come full cycle with the Palin crowd. If you do not like her, somehow that means your "boy" is Obama. How dare you! I do not know about you, but when I look for someone Presidential, I have my ideas of what that is. I do not want an average Joe that it would be comfortable to have a cup of coffee with.

I do not want someone who feels compelled to stand up all the time and say what I would say if given a venue to do so. To me that is just a lower form of leadership. Instead of attacking, I need in depth explanations of what the issues are. Why what is going on now does work. What could be done, and how that can take place. Also why that would work.

That is a major deal breaker for me with Sarah Palin. I used to listen and always come away disappointed. I do not care how a person looks. I do not care how well they point out the things going on, that we may all be upset about; but have little ability to speak out in our little venues. Problem solving is the Oil that lubricates the engine of life in a Government. The vinegar, which is sour taste in your mouth has purposes. However those purposes mean very little unless you know it also brings a long an answer. Ability to answer and explain.

I understand why Sarah quit her position of Governor of Alaska. But how many people will understand that? She took on a responsibility. Took an oath to the people of her state, and she chose to bail on that job. Just because of that, people will point to her and say you quit. How can I trust you? Sarah chooses the polarizing approach in her speeches. That will lead to several attacks against her, and in a general election you can not win. It is not enough to get the Tea Party vote. You need the middle of the road, the blue dog democrats and she will not get that. To top that off she plays this tantalizing approach on whether or not she will even run. She has been campaigning since she left the Governors mansion. Who is she kidding? I do not need a game player.

Where is the meat of Sarah Palin?
For me, the question about someone that may wish to be the next President is simple. Where is the meat? Where is not only your ability to solve a problem, but your ability to convey that to the people. We need more than a back yard mechanic that can replace parts. We need someone that can fine tune the engine. Take it apart, and put it all back together as they explain to the owner why and how. Wouldn't that make you feel comfortable? Confident? It does me.

I once had a math teacher that understood the basic functions of math. However her ability to convey it was limited. One of the great things about Ronald Reagan was his ability to communicate what he was talking about. Sarah Palin does not leave me feeling like she understands more than the basics of a back yard mechanic. That worries me if the issues are more than just changing parts.

The truth of the matter is America's economy and deficit spending may already be past the point of no return. This is not a normal election in 2012. The deficit, and loss of jobs is bringing America to its' knees. Doesn't that scare you? It is very ignorant to say that America has always overcome, and it will again. So did all of the other countries, until they did fall.

Problem solvers are not the popular people in life because they do the things needed  to resolve things. Rick Scott is facing that in Florida. Mitt Romney had that in Massachusetts. The results were there in very adverse conditions. I listen to Mitt Romney explain why something doesn't work. What he believes will work. Then he tells me why it will.  All the time he is putting that engine back together. I feel safe and I feel confident. I do in no way feel that when I listen to Sarah Palin. My guy did not quit and my guy excelled in adverse conditions. He wrote a book on how to fix things while she was off filming a reality show. C'mon! So just because I do not want Sarah Palin near the white house does not make her a bad person. It just means in a time when we need exceptional, there is no room for popularity contests that lead to error by the people in a choice. We have that right now.

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