Friday, July 8, 2011

Congressional, Senate vs Governors

One of the more perplexing issues is found in trying to compare the true meanings in a candidates make up when looking at a Congressman or Senator versus the Executive position of a Governor.
The congress and the senate vote. Write legislation, but they mainly vote. You can look at them and say, see, see...they voted the right way or the wrong way. If the bill passes or not, the fact remains their vote either was part of something good, or it was part of something bad. It is there for all of the world to look back upon and see. Their part is much easier than the part of a Governor.

The Governor comes up with ideas and presents them, such as his budget etc. Executive is much different and is in many situations at the mercy of the legislative branch.

People seem to pay a whole lot less attention to the veto's that a Governor makes, than in the end result of what happens. They place everything at the feet of the Governor as if everything is his choice, his baby; and that simply is not true. Due process means eventually he is required to sign a bill after his veto's have become extended. Just like in a gun, it carries only so many shells.
Instead of being a "political cowboy", and running off at the mouth about a person, try getting some facts. Try understanding the situation. Did that Governor agree with signing something?

Did he have vetoes regarding the bill? A veto is not an end all. It doesn't ensure success against bad ideas and laws.Its not unusual to have a bill that has some good things and some bad things. It is very common. Another thing to consider is what type of legislature is it? Is it liberal dominated? Is it GOP friendly? That has everything to do with what happens. A liberal super majority can pretty much pass through what they want to and a Governor is hamstrung as to what he can do once his vetoes have been exhausted.

See how much sense it makes when you understand how things work? It is also why the idea of an excellent Governor who has fought for the right things makes so much more sense as a Presidential candidate than most Senators or Congressmen. They do not have the executive experience that is needed in the highest executive position in the land.   President of the United States.

Right now we have someone that had zero executive experience and was as jr Senator; and the horrible results show what inexperience will do. Of course, his use of failed Marxist policies do not help either. Do some real research. That doesn't include your favorite talk show hosts or websites. Take a look at the situations people are in and what they actually did. You will find in a lot of cases, people lamely labeled Rino's are not that at all. Intellectual honesty versus agenda driven spam. It makes all the difference in the world.


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