Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ronald Reagan was not for the Brady Gun Bill!!! Was He??

Before I begin, I want to say that I love Ronald Reagan. He was the best President by far of the 1900's. Probably the best until you go back to Thomas Jefferson. He was indeed that good for this country. A great man. People will try and say he was this big spender etc. However all you need to know is the Democrats owned 2/3rds of the vote. He could only veto, but he could be over ridden. Same thing Mitt Romney had to deal with as a Governor. As a Governor, Reagan had the same situation to deal with.

Yesterday there was a conversation with a well meaning man. Its odd how when we place someone such as Ronald Reagan as a standard bearer for something like a conservative movement how things get lost. Its like JFK. What did he really do? He chickened out of the Bay of Pigs. He moved us out of Turkey to appease the Russians, so they would remove the Missiles in Cuba. There was no great stance he took. They knew he was weak when they met prior in a World Summit. That is when Russia decided to advance to begin with. Yet somehow Kennedy was remembered as great, with no accomplishments to speak of.

Well the person was Anti-Romney and came out and stated Romney was for the Brady Gun Bill. Another person stated that Ronald Reagan was too. Well that got shot down, no Ronald Reagan was never for that. Oh yeah?

Why I am for the Brady Bill 
by Ronald Reagan (written in 1991)

"Anniversary" is a word we usually associate with happy events that we like to remember: birthdays, weddings, the first job. March 30, however, marks an anniversary I would just as soon forget, but cannot.

It was on that day 10 years ago that a deranged young man standing among reporters and photographers shot a policeman, a Secret Service agent, my press secretary and me on a Washington sidewalk.

I was lucky. The bullet that hit me bounced off a rib and lodged in my lung, an inch from my heart. It was a very close call. Twice they could not find my pulse. But the bullet's missing my heart, the skill of the doctors and nurses at George Washington University Hospital and the steadfast support of my wife, Nancy, saved my life.

Jim Brady, my press secretary, who was standing next to me, wasn't as lucky. A bullet entered the left side of his forehead, near his eye, and passed through the right side of his brain before it exited. The skills of the George Washington University medical team, plus his amazing determination and the grit and spirit of his wife, Sarah, pulled Jim through. His recovery has been remarkable, but he still lives with physical pain every day and must spend much of his time in a wheelchair.

Thomas Delahanty, a Washington police officer, took a bullet in his neck. It ricocheted off his spinal cord. Nerve damage to his left arm forced his retirement in November 1981.
Tim McCarthy, a Secret Service agent, was shot in the chest and suffered a lacerated liver. He recovered and returned to duty.
Still, four lives were changed forever, and all by a Saturday-night special -- a cheaply made .22 caliber pistol -- purchased in a Dallas pawnshop by a young man with a history of mental disturbance.
This nightmare might never have happened if legislation that is before Congress now -- the Brady bill -- had been law back in 1981.
Named for Jim Brady, this legislation would establish a national seven-day waiting period before a handgun purchaser could take delivery. It would allow local law enforcement officials to do background checks for criminal records or known histories of mental disturbances. Those with such records would be prohibited from buying the handguns.

Here is the online URL Click Here.

My point is this. We place people on standards. Yet we do not closely and honestly look at the why people do and support things. Usually people have a good reason. Ronald Reagan gave you his reason and Mitt Romney would give you his too if you were so inclined to really want to know. President Reagan did not have a lobbyist twisting his arm to come to his conclusion. I am sure Mitt Romney does not either.

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