Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Conservative activist Christine O’ Donnell appeared on Hannity (FOX News) last night to announce her endorsement of Mitt Romney:
O’Donnell backs Romney
(CNN) – Christine O’Donnell, a tea party favorite who ran an unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid in 2010, announced her support Tuesday night for Mitt Romney, a GOP presidential candidate lacking fanfare among the conservative grassroots movement.
“It is my hope that my endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney will cause others to give him a second look,” she said in a statement.
The social conservative … said she was throwing her weight behind Romney because she finds him trustworthy and as someone with “conviction to do the right thing regardless of opposition.”
In an apparent knock against GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich, O’Donnell praised Romney’s experience in the private sector and said the nation needs a president who is not a “Washington insider” or “who hasn’t been playing the game for the last three decades.”
…O’Donnell pointed to his [Romney's] support for her and other candidates who rode the 2010 tea party wave, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.
Note: I appreciated hearing O’Donnell mention Romney’s support for her and others running for office a little over a year ago. No one in the current line up of GOP hopefuls worked harder than Governor Romney to support conservative candidates in the months leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections. He was often a lone, untiring figure criss-crossing the country, pulling his suitcase through airports to ride coach, racking up miles and wearing out shoe leather to get to another rally. His Free and Strong America PAC donated thousands of dollars in support of those who shared his conservative values and his enthusiasm to take back congress was a great help to many.
Romney’s statement:
“Christine has been a leader in the conservative movement for many years,” said Mitt Romney. “Christine recognizes that excessive government threatens us now and threatens future generations, and I am pleased to have her on my team.”
Announcing her support, Christine O’Donnell said, “For me, this endorsement comes down to trust. I am endorsing Governor Romney because I trust him to do the right thing. He has the strength of conviction to do the right thing regardless of opposition. America needs a president who is not a Washington Insider. America needs a president who hasn’t been playing the game for the last three decades. America needs a president who can turn our economy around, put Americans back to work, and will lead with stability, integrity and the values that we hold dear. I am confident Mitt Romney will be that president.”
(emphasis added)
O’Donnell’s background:
Christine O’Donnell has been a leader in the conservative movement for many years. O’Donnell has been an advocate for various conservative causes and campaigns during this time. In 2010, she was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware.

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