Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comparing Bush to Obama

I found this interesting. President Bush inherited a Recession. Unemployment was at 7.1% when he took office. Then the 911 disaster. Yet he dug us out and had us at 4.5% unemployment until when? When the Democrats took over the House and Senate. That was the beginning of the downfall. Here is a good article.

A Chronicle Of Obama’s Failures

As the Presidential campaign season begins, it is important to reflect on President Obama accomplishments after his first two years. Rather than rehash all his achievements and failures, a simple chart can be more effective in telling the story.

*In the chart above the monthly gains in jobs listed in the thousands the parentheses means minus for Obama. We have averaged losing over 128 thousand jobs nationally a month while he has been in office. In contrast we gained almost 60 thousand jobs a month in President Bush's Presidency.

Compared to President Bush, President Obama’s annual
 budget deficit is 7.5 percentage points worse on average. Under Obama, average monthly unemployment is 4.1 percentage points higher than unemployment under President Bush. Average monthly housing starts are 66% lower under Obama. Average annual food stamp participation has increased 63% from 22.7 million to 37.0 million. In January 2001, when President Bush took office, the monthly participation rate was 17.2 million. By January 2011, food stamp particpation reached a high of 44.2 million under President Obama.

President Obama, the first American President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for “hope” rather than any substantive accomplishments, also added another conflict to the two he inherited from his predecessor.
Under President Obama, daily crude oil prices have been 41% higher on average and the average weekly retail gasoline price has been 25% higher than prices during the Bush administration.

Do you miss President Bush yet?

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