Friday, August 5, 2011

Why not blame George W Bush?

There is one complaint regarding President George W Bush that has merit. He was not a fiscal conservative.  With that said, you can not make a statement that his deficit spending was more than all of the previous Presidents combined. You can say that with President Obama.

Yesterday, the Stock Markets fell a record in one day as i understand it. I could point to a lot of things and be pretty accurate in saying there has been not one thing in the Obama Presidency that has been good for America. Cash for Clunkers? Borrowing 46 cents on every dollar he spends? Forcing healthcare on a country when it can not pay for it?

Lets get back to President W. With his imperfections, as all have...We still had 52 straight months of job gain which is a record for a two term President. 26 straight qtrs of economic growth. Unemployment was at 4.5% for a long time, until the Democrats took over the House and Senate in the 2006 elections.

He was right on the war on terror. He was right on the WMD's. There are many things he was right about. He was right about the housing crisis coming and he warned the house and senate about it. Asked them to change the laws forcing banks to make bad loans. Laws brought to you by the Clinton Administration.

But you never heard him try and avoid responsibility. He just took on issues. He didn't come out and always say it was someone elses' problem. He was a man that took the bull by the horns. Imperfect, yes. But over all one of the better Presidents.

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