Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama Fights back, using People

President Obama is transparent in so many ways. All I am saying is he is easy to see through. Not particularly  the sharpest tool in the shed. Not stupid, but in no way brilliant. He does however know that there are a big portion of people out there that do not do research on what is going on. Over 35% of the people for some ridiculous notion still think he is doing an OK job. The excuse is always the same, he inherited a horrible situation. Fact is he did not.

It has been very obvious who he fears in re-election. Mitt Romney. He has been doing his best to help Rick Santorum in Michigan and Ohio. One person once said, Rick Santorum has the innate ability to turn any simple interview into a controversy. I have to concur.

As the procedure of the GOP primary goes on, it looks like Mitt Romney will indeed be the GOP nominee. The one person left in the GOP race that is not an insider. Not a career politician and does not have the meat hooks of lobbyists deeply embedded in him. They aren't touching him. Yet somehow he is the establishments choice? The Insider?
This is my fifth year of studying Mitt Romney. Issue upon issue. What I have found is a great leader. Great businessman and a very competent and feisty Governor that fought hard for conservative values. If you do not believe me, go look at his 844 vetoes. Go look at the conservative endorsements that he gets today.

Ronald  Reagan was a great man. The best President of the last century. Many think he saved America. That may well be true. But, if you looked at his record as Governor, in today's world of internet politics, he would have been unelectable. Compared to Governor Romney, who also dealt with a liberal veto proof legislature; it pales in comparison. Romney balanced his budget, and Reagan doubled spending. Its not even close in how much better. This is not to speak against President Reagan, I am just making a point.

President Obama, has been not only a disgrace in how he has carried himself in the oval office, he also has been a disaster for America. This is worse than 1980. You can magnify it ten fold to what Ronald Reagan had to deal with. The spending and printing of money is ten times worse. It took six years of Reaganomics to fix Carters mess.

Mitt Romney has plans. Some of them are so well liked they are being presented right now in congress. He has a proven track record that is unmatched by anyone on either side and yet he is being portrayed by people in ways that are easy to prove wrong.

Rush Limbaugh is supposedly the light bearer for Conservatism.  but is he really? Think about it. The man has made close to a billion dollars giving polarizing opinions on politics. He is not one of us. he never lives from paycheck to paycheck. he does not have a concern in the world whether or not Barrack Obama is elected or not. Four years ago he proclaimed Mitt Romney as conservative, and one of us. Now he changes his tune. Nothing has changed in Romneys record or personal life. Nothing. Yet Limbaugh has pushed poor candidates such as Herman Cain, Rick Perry and now Santorum, or even Newt. Based on what? Seriously.....

The same can be said for Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. They are set for life financially. They are not one of us. They tell us they are, but they are working against us every day.

How can I say that? I could go on about Romney's record, but I won't. What I will say is that for the last year on a very consistent basis, he is the one candidate that is beating Obama consistently. The only one. He doesn't go out and say the harsh things that many people want to hear. What you do not understand about that is the polarizing statements are a turn off to many. People get sick of bitching. He is smart, he picks the right battles. That appeals to a much wider range of people.

Talk Radio is undermining America. Opinions are like you know whats and everyone has one. The division being perpetrated by these talk show hosts is just what Dr Obama ordered. They may well get behind Mitt Romney at some point, but the harsh words and slander are taking a toll on the peoples focus and on their hope for a better America. People had better wake up. America is on life support.

Why Romney over Gingrich and Santorum? Go look at the voting records of Gingrich and Santorum. They supported big government and helped build the issues that are at hand today. The list is long. Calling them conservative is like comparing a Big Mac to a nice Prime Rib. The answers are easy to find. I took the time. I have also taken a close look at the Rush Limbaughs and Mark Levins and Sean Hannity's of the world and realize they only have one interest at hand and it is not America.

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