Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leadership or Self

In 2008 when it became apparent John McCain had the nomination locked up, Mitt Romney stepped aside and began campaigning for John McCain. He cared about America more than he cared about being President.

 Its' 2012. Neither Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich can catch Mitt Romney. But do they step aside? No. That should tell you a lot about lack of Character as well as a lack of leadership. Words come out about "brokered conventions". Go ahead and do that if you want 4 more years of Obama. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is beating Obama Nationally for over a year now. Mitt has done what we need.

Balanced a Budget

Took his state from 50th in Unemployment to 11th

Lowered Taxes

Downsized Government by cutting 341 Government Programs

Defunded Sanctuary Cities

Plus he is against Federal Mandates, and against Cap and trade

Its Your Choice. Squabble or defeat Obama

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