Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Brilliance to Ignorance.....

Mark Levin was once a guy I used to enjoy listening to on a semi daily basis. I used to enjoy listening to him tell a liberal to "get off my phone ya dope".

I have done a lot of research over the past four years on the Massachusetts  Health Care. Why it came into place. What it was about. It was not perfect, but it was a plan put forth to try and fix a problem facing many states. Debts from people using hospitals with no insurance and not paying. Massachusetts was 384 Million in the red on this. They tried to fix it. Mitt Romney vetoed 8 things in it. They vetoed it back. Case closed. There were also 2 amendments added after Mitt Romney left office.

Mark thinks that Mitt Romney is into growing big government all because of this one issue they like to call Romney Care . He thinks it is wrong to have a mandate on a state level, when it is constitutional on a state level. Read Here on MANDATES.
Mark is very wrong on this. mandates have long been used on a state level. It is well within a states rights.

The health care program was not perfect. But it did make the state the most insured in America. It did have its issues. It was not perfect. However it was 1% of the states budget and originally added no new taxes. So why should Mitt Romney apologize for being part of an answer. He shouldn't have to.

Lets see..... bigger Government Mark? If that is so, why did he cut 341 social programs. He did it to balance the state budget......Uhhmn that is downsizing government YA BIG DOPE! Get off my radio you big Dope.

Mark, you claim to be a conservative. Yet you say you could vote for Rick Perry who doubled spending, poor on immigration. Had huge deficit spending issues. Added 300,000 government jobs which is...issssssssssssss bigger government ya DOPE. The truth makes Mark Levin look bad.

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