Sunday, November 27, 2011

When it does not make sense

I want to believe there  are good guys in the outcry in America to restore us to constitutional rationale and what our country was founded on. But it seems that people that we once thought were with us in this quest, really are not with us after all. This is part of my reason for being quiet. Facts and reasoning seem to go out the window, and misconceptions and half truths seem to reign in the midst of a desperate time.

I have not watched all of the GOP debates. I have not felt the need to. I do my research on people. The past actions of people pretty much tell us who they are, instead of the words that they speak in choreographed so called debates.

I have long listened to Mark Levin articulate how Ronald Reagan in his short comings as a Governor and President was a result of going up against a Democrat led Congress and Senate in both positions. He is right in this. Many things, Reagan had no control of the outcome. Spending doubled, many issues that just in today's world would paint Ronald Reagan in a poor light amongst conservatives.

But, I know a little about how the system works. That is why I know how a Governor or President can be limited in what they can do, and ultimately have to sign things they did not want to sign. Common sense and honesty should tell you things like this. But unfortunately people are quick to point fingers, and slow to look at the real facts.

 Rush Limbaugh has become just as bad. He has made rash statements that easily are disproven. Since when should he dictate who is conservative and who is not? I always believed that real conservatives delved in actual truth.

What we need is a real leader. No scandals, moral and a proven problem solver.

Mark Levin for some reason endorsed Sarah Palin. Did you see her on "The View"? Whenever someone challenges her, she is not strong, or confident. her experience was in a GOP friendly state, that ran just as good before her...and after her. She is indecisive, dragging out her decision on whether to run or not for several months longer than she said she would. No thank you on many levels.

Mark Levin once stated, now Rick Perry...there is someone I can vote for. Well Mark, since you said that, we have watched him stumble all over himself. I am still waiting to see one area where Rick Perry is conservative. It doesn't exist.

Then we have to hear about Herman Cain. Folks it just gets more embarrassing. I am still on the floor laughing about him wanting Henry Kissinger, who was a joke the first time as his secretary of state. His 999 plan that is full of holes and needs a IRS repeal of the 16th amendment to even take place. So its a bad plan. He even favors minorities in it, which goes a long with his love of the Affirmative Action laws. He is totally clueless on foreign affairs and how the constitution works.  He is a horrible thought.

Newt Gingrich was  Speaker of the House .However he was fined $300,000.00 for ethics violations. He is currently being charged with bribery. He has been extreme in his lies about Mitt Romneys Record.   He also is so wrong as he speaks of Amnesty for illegals. He is a smart man, but he is a philosopher and not a problem solver. He is for National Mandates. Do you want that? Or do you want it constitutional where things are dealt with on a state level? No thank You. Cabinet position... yes.

So what do conservatives want?

I want:
ObamaCare overturned    Romney wants that and will give 50 waivers until it is repealed

Cap and Trade Done Away with:  Romney is against Cap and Trade and calls it a disaster

Illegal Alien laws enforced: Romney de-funded sanctuary cities as Governor and is very strong on immigration

Economy fixed: Mitt took his state from 50th in unemployment to 11th in one 4 year term. These were real jobs and not Government jobs. he brought in 111 new businesses. He has a 169 page detailed plan of how to fix the present economy.

Smaller Government: Mitt cut 341 Government programs in balancing a 3 Billion a year state deficit

Balance the Budget: He did that as I mentioned above, and has a plan to so far cut out 500 million of the 1.6 trillion deficit. He wants a law in place that you can not deficit spend

*There is no candidate as consistant, as conservative and as accomplished and qualified as Mitt Romney. Everybody has words, but he has 844 vetoes where he stood on conservative values.

Take the time to look. You will see just how conservative Mitt Romney is and how conservatively he governed. He is the only candidate that makes sense.