Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Magnificent Conservative Highlight Reel

I can remember on Face Book, all of the articles regarding Barrack Obama as he was running for office. Most of us conservatives would post many articles exposing his Marxist teaching as well as his poor voting record. There were more issues than red flags available to show how poor of a candidate this man was. But the onslaught was continual and I am sure we all felt a sense of Patriotic Pride in exposing who this man really is. I wont even get into the birth certificate issue. There is plenty of other stuff to fill the void of who Obama is.

In the Bible it states that the "Truth" will set you free. I believe that to be very true. But if that is true, what do half truths do to people, countries and communities? What  effect are basically white lies? I believe half truths distort the picture so much that you end up with a big mess. You can also lose out on possible greatness.

Here in America, we are on life support as a country. Let me ask you this, in your world, if you were in unbelievable debt, how would that affect how you could operate your home? What if your car payment, house payment alone were almost double the money you made each month? You had to borrow money from the town loan shark. How long can you survive like this before disaster overcomes you? America is in this position right now. The only difference is they can print money and you can not.

Rush Limbaugh has long been considered "the voice" of conservatism. He has indeed done many good things for this country. I do not question that. But you know, we look at the NFL, MLB and NBA as Sports and entertainment. But the bottom line is all of those Sports are a business. They have to operate in a certain way and continue to appeal to their fan base.

People like Rush Limbaugh are the same way. His base is the Tea Party and groups that like that wish to honor the Constitution and the American way of free enterprise.

To me it is Amazing how icons like Rush are often misinformed and also blown by the wind of their fan base. Here is an example. In 2007 Rush Limbaugh said of Mitt Romney"He is one of us, he is a conservative". And yet the other day he says Mitt is a nice man, but he is a moderate.

I can tell you a few things. One of them is that I have studied Mitt Romney for four years now. Nothing has changed about him. His message is clear. It is concise and it is strong. So I would ask you, since nothing has changed. Mitt has had no other governing positions since 2006. How did he go from becoming the next Reagan to a Rino? It amazes me how fickle people are. To Rush, I will have no integrity. I am done. To me, the truth matters. let  me ask you, the reader this:

Are these Conservative Beliefs?

1] Believing Cap and trade is a disaster

2] Being against Federal Health Care and that it should be dealt with on a state by state basis(states Rights)

3] Being for Upholding Immigration laws to the point of defunding sanctuary cities which was done

4] Believing there should never be deficit spending in a budget to the point where you cut 341 social programs and added no new taxes to balance a budget

5] Instead of taxing everyone for the use of things that only some people use, you added fees so that the people using these things paid for it themselves

6] Strong on the war on terror

7] Took a state in one term from 50th in unemployment to 11th by making it friendly for other Businesses to come into the state (111 of them) and also make it more friendly for the companies to flourish that were there.

In my book these are very conservative values. Mitt Romney also had 844 vetoes, and if you bother reading them, you will find these vetoes are continually consistent with the Conservative values I mentioned above.

Yet with Conservatism I hear the name Herman Cain. He has a 999 plan that is under great scrutiny, and if you look at it can not grow feet without getting rid of the IRS. So, he has no plan and yet he is lauded by the talk show hosts and the so called Conservative websites? Where is the intellectual honesty. It is not there. Herman Cain is also a huge advocate of Affirmative Action. The last time I checked, that is not only a liberal law, but also a huge problem in America today. Preferential treatment to people based on their race. You like that? I do not. He also worked for the federal reserve and scoffs at the idea of an independent auditor. Yet, for all of this, the so called conservative powers that be  push Herman Cain on me. No thanks.

I am not sure where or how people get some of these concepts, but they are so out of line. What am I talking about?

1] Mitt Romney is a career politician and an insider. Mitt Romney has served in one political office and that for one 4 year term as Governor. Mitt is a career businessman.

2]Mitt Romney is big Government. Mitt Romney actually greatly downsized government programs to the tune of 341 programs shut down to balance a 3 Billion a year budget deficit. He was part of adding one. Health Care that was going to be added because a Governor can not over ride the house and senate if they are for something which is the case here. He did veto 8 things in it he felt troublesome, and they vetoed him back. He had no power as Governor to stop it. Over all it was imperfect. But it also was only 1% of the state budget, no new taxes and it did not try and get rid of private healthcare. It is not Obama Care.

3] Romney would not give us Constitutional Judges. Well, Judge Robert Bork says otherwise. He says Mitt Romney is very constitutional and he fully supports Mitt as President.

4] Mitt Romney is forced on us by the powers that be of the GOP. That is about as ridiculous as it gets. There have been 4-5 people they have been pushing to run. Cantor is one of them.  It is only now as the dust is settling is the GOP finally backing Mitt a little.

I can only point out the facts to you. I cant get into the mind sets of these people who have talk shows or write books. Mark Levin said that Rick Perry was a man he could vote for. David Limbaugh backed Rick Perry. We all know how Perry Governed by now and his closet full of skeletons. His double talk. I have yet to find one conservative aspect to Rick Perry. Not even one. So, how do these brilliant conservative leaders back a borderline liberal? You tell me. I cant even stand the misinformation constantly floating around. There is no one even close to Romney in accomplishment and ability. The other night Mike Huckabee  interviewed Mitt. He was G Governor for years in Arkansas. He asked Mitt about the Health Care and then said why didn't you do something? He told him I did, I vetoed what I could. But couldn't you do more? Mitt looked at him and said, it is the law. I followed the law. They vetoed my back and I had to sign it. It is too bad the so called conservatives do not get this. Or are THEY really conservatives or people trying to keep stirring a pot to make money. Ohhhhhhhhhhh wait!!! It is a business, and you are being lied to.

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